Last week, I had the pleasure of travelling to Paris for 24 hours to celebrate the global launch of Paco Rabannes new fragrance for men; PURE XS. Paco Rabanne, a globally known brand, have been leading within men’s fragrance since 2008 with the iconic ‘1 Million’. With sales rocketing above the rest, they recently released the hero fragrance Invictus, which too, has been a great success with it’s strong and powerful characteristics. Let’s not forget the XS saga that started in 1993, claiming sexual desire free of any taboos. The advert, and the fragrance, is truly iconic and later led onto the rock star fantasy Black XS. Now in 2017 we see the release of Pure XS, tapping back into the foundations of what XS was originally about; sex and eroticism. Before I delve further into the fragrance, let me set the scene for our 24 hour Parisian adventure. Having arrived in Paris after a very pleasant, quick and easy journey on the Eurostar, we were driven to what can only be described as the perfect hotel epitomising the message behind Pure XS, The St James Paris. Now this hotel, being the only Chateau-hotel in Paris, embodies strong history combined with luxurious interiors that are most definitely unique. As you can see from the shots below, the interiors are lavish and excessive, dark and mysterious, historic and modern with an amazing outdoor space, and rooms which ooze that certain je ne sais quoi.

IMG_4127Hot air balloon features outside

IMG_4130Beautiful outside settings

IMG_4133IMG_4135Amazing lavish interiors in entrance room

IMG_4137IMG_4138Bed & Bathroom in junior suite

After a tour of the hotel, unpacking and settling into our rooms, it wasn’t long before it was time to get ready and head to the venue for the launch of PURE XS. Within my lavish lair, my invite for the night ahead waits patiently setting the luxurious, and mysterious vibe for the night ahead.

IMG_4151Invite along with gold snake broach

We arrived at the grand venue, The Automobile Club De France, and were taken to what seemed like a very opulent library. Within, there were areas involving role play, played out by female models, creating a setting that reflected the characteristics of the fragrance. In the centre of the room, a life size square box was pitch black and almost invisible. After a bit of mingling and interacting with the role play, the blackened box became a perspex glass room and revealed a lavish bathroom scene. Within the box, the male face of the fragrance, Francisco Henriques, was moving around the bathroom to classical music, reenacting the fragrance commercial live infront of us. It felt like we, on the outside, were watching him live the feelings of PURE XS through a two way mirror.

IMG_4153Role play 1

IMG_4157Role play 2

Once the lights went out, the commercial for the fragrance was played out, and the live bathroom scene we had just witnessed all made sense. The clip was sexual but with a tongue in cheek aspect, it was erotic but without being too serious and full on. It was amazing to see the advert come to life and feel in tune with it. (See below)

After our cinematic experience, it was onto the rooftop of the venue. Sipping on champagne in the summer heat, we enjoyed incredible 360 views of Paris. Including iconic buildings like the Eiffel Tower. 30 minutes or so went by mingling and chatting all things Paco Rabanne, we were led back downstairs to watch more creatives from the campaign, while getting a background of what PURE XS is about.

IMG_4165Rooftop views - #excessiveme

IMG_4315UK gang from the night

To be honest PURE XS is pretty special. For me personally, I tend to go for scents that stand out, but at the same time are subtle and not too overpowering. For me, PURE XS does exactly that. It is vibrant, and magnetic; gentle and intense. At the top it is light and fresh, bringing memories of the summer, and as it settles it develops into sweet and warm tones with vanilla and leather hints giving a strong masculine touch. I would say with confidence, that this is a fragrance that would suit all styles, noses and seasons. Let’s not forget the bottle in which the scent comes, that is pretty special too. Encased within a velour/velvet deep blue box with a large gold embossed logo, the touch itself sets up the lavish and excessive characteristics of PURE XS before you have even opened it. The bottle is a solid base of luxury glass, heavyweight in hand like a whisky tumbler. The glass is thick but sculptural, chiselled in the shape of a cut lighter. The bottle opens with a masculine snap and curved black lacquered cap and pure, sharp edges. The ombre blue glass plays with graduation, from the deepest to most electric blue. The bottle really is mesmerising, an extremely beautiful object that knows how to make itself desired. It is very clear that every detail has been thoroughly thought through, allowing you to feel immersed and lured into a world of PURE XS. NOW BACK TO THE PARTY….. After an incredibly lavish dinner fit for Kings and Queens, we returned to the bathroom scene room, which had been transformed into a party scene. The bath tub remained in the middle of the dance floor allowing party goers to take photos, while chucking very aptly coloured deep blue confetti into the air. The night ended on a high with all guests having a great time. It truly was a very special time I will always remember.

IMG_4316Party vibes

If you are intrigued and want to test out the fragrance, it is now exclusively available in all Boots stores around the UK. As well as online in link below.