After months of training hard for the London Marathon, the day itself finally came. A few days before, I’d discovered I needed a root canal, so timing was far from perfect. The doctors dosed me up on pain killers and said it would have to wait until after the marathon. After months of training and managing to avoid any sort of running injury, it was just my luck to endure tooth ache and a lack of sleep before race day. But what a day. When it came to my start time, I simply locked in my headphones and the only thing that went through my mind was ‘Run Forest Run’ - possibly something to do with the guy in front of me dressed as Tom Hanks for Forrest Gump…


As soon as I started I knew that I was going to push myself beyond any sort of training I had done leading up to that day. All I wanted to do was beat 3 hrs, but when I reached the half way mark at 1hr 29mins, I thought there was chance of maintaining my pace and getting closer to three. In the end I managed 3hrs 4 minutes. I think this was all down to the amazing crowds that gather throughout the course and wanting to make the British Heart Foundation proud. It was such an honour to run alongside the other 85 heart runners and I hope to raise more money for them in the next few months. All in all it was one of those days that made me very proud to be British. Post-marathon, my body has really felt the pain. So I decided to take it very easy and try my hand at some Bikram yoga, to loosen up my muscles and stretch a bit.

This week’s fitness class: Hot Bikram Yoga in London Bridge

Instructor: Jo Horton

What it involves: I hadn’t done bikram for several years, but from what I could remember it was far from a walk in the park. An hour and a half of yoga in a warm room, similar to a sauna, with no escape. I went with my girlfriend Emma and it seems that we went at a peak time, as this particular class was packed out and found ourselves on mats extremely close to one another, which made the class a bit uncomfortable for me.


My verdict: But it the job. Although the class is intense what with the heat, it allows the muscles to become more relaxed and so I found myself a bit more flexible than usual. I was stretching beyond my normal capability and the poses felt a little easier. Remember to stay hydrated and bring a bottle of water to the studio - my girlfriend, who is a complete yoga fanatic, really struggled because she hadn’t drunk enough water during the day.

Where to try it: 1A Magdalen St, SE1 2EN;