In training: Oliver Proudlock is running the London marathon for the British Heart Foundation

So you think all gyms are pretty much the same right? White walls, harsh strip lights and the aroma of stale sweat. Well, not with the new 1 Rebel gym in the city – this is more like working out in a high-end nightclub. Subdued lighting, stripped down and industrial Shoreditch-style interiors, exposed brick and copper piping - if it wasn’t for the rows of the latest high-tech treadmills, work-out benches, and indoor cycling machines I would have thought we had come to the wrong place - for a work-out anyway. But 1Rebel is a new breed of gym and has thrown away the old rule book. Firstly there’s no contracts, so there’s no monthly direct debit bill. You can choose from just two types of classes – Rebel Ride or Rebel Reshape. Ride is on the bike, Reshape on the treadmill. Simple.

This week’s fitness class: Reshape at 1Rebel

Instructor: Dutch fitness coach Ida May

What it involves: Rebel Reshape is a 45 minute class of extreme physical and mental intensity. The class starts with 10 minutes of running, building up your speed and introducing an incline - they’ve got Woodway 4front treadmills, which are like running on top of a tank track. Then it’s straight onto the 1R workout bench for squats, raises, shoulder presses and abs. It’s a simple combination of a bench, dumb bells - from 4kg to 12kg - and the hard-bodied Ida May giving not-so-gentle encouragement when needed. Oh, and it’s all to a soundtrack of the latest dance beats.

My verdict: I hadn’t predicted quite how intense the class would be and had taken on a half marathon earlier that day. It was hard core - neither I nor my buddy for the class (and fellow Made in Chelsea cast member Alik Alfus) had any idea what we were getting ourselves into! After 45 minutes - I’d managed to keep up and even reached 18mph on the treadmill - we were completely exhausted, but glad we had done it. They have a Roots & Bulbs cafe in the gym so we treated ourselves to healthy smoothies and snacks - all the food is gluten and sugar free too.

Where to try it: 1Rebel, 63 St Mary Axe, EC3A 8LE;


What: Forza LipoWhey protein in vanilla - it’s extremely important to take in protein 30 minutes after an exercise session.

Why: it contains a fat-free blend of plant strerols to actively lower cholesterol. I like to mix it with coconut water, but if you have the time make my miracle protein smoothie: 1 avocado, 1 banana, a handful of spinach, 1 scoop of Green Good Stuff and flaxseed, coconut water and 3 scoops for Forza LipoWhey.