Welcome to #PROUDFITNESS. I’m trying out some of London’s hottest gyms to see why people can’t get enough, speaking to the head trainers and experiencing their classes and giving you the low-down.

Where: For my second instalment of #PROUDFITNESS, I headed to Chelsea to try out KOBOX, a boutique boxing studio that offers high intensity classes in a bespoke studio setting.

Which class? Its class combines heavy bag boxing routines with functional strength training in a ‘Fight Club meets nightclub’ environment. Your bag combinations are projected onto the wall, so that you have a constant reference to the change in punch combos. Then in between the bag sessions,you are up against the wall doing squat jumps, push ups, throwing medicine balls at a target. It sounds exhausting, and it really is, but it’s all for a good cause and at the end of your session you feel re-energized, and ready to take on anything. People talk about the importance of releasing endorphins, and after one of these classes you’ll know what they’re talking about.


Verdict: If you want to break up your usual routine, get rid of stress and release those endorphins then this is the class for you. Just remember to breathe. I found I was concentrating so much on the punch combinations that I forgot to monitor my breathing, and this makes the class a lot more intense. The rest periods are short, and this leads to an overall more intense and more beneficial workout. It really works the whole body, and I guarantee the next day you’ll feel it.

KOBOX. 122 Kings Road, London, SW3 4TR