Welcome to the first instalment of #PROUDFITNESS. Over the next 6 months I’m going to be visiting some of London hottest gyms to find out why people can’t get enough. I’ll be speaking to the head trainers, as well as trying out the classes myself.


I headed to High Street Kensington to check out the recently-opened Core Collective. It offers a number of different classes all of which you can attend on a pay-as-you-go basis Whether it be Weighted Yoga, Spin or their signature class Velocity, you will be sure to feel the burn in its stylish, contemporary environment.

Which class?

For my first session, I thought it only right to opt for their signature class: Velocity. It’s 45 minutes of high intensity circuit training that works the full body. Combining cardio exercises with weights, the class will have you using various workout apparatus from battle ropes, to TRX straps and a hideous thing called ‘The Prowler’. A large, weighted sleigh like object stacked with more weights and designed to be dragged across the floor by the unlucky trainee. That being said, it is an exercise combining cardio (the dragging) with weights and will be sure to give you a pretty nasty burn across most of your body. In a good way.


Depending on your strengths you’ll find certain exercises harder than others, but as with all classes; the harder you push yourself the better the results. I struggled most with ‘The Prowler’, as well as the hop press-ups - both of which will have you puffing and panting, and your heart rate going at a speedy pace. I felt the burn, but despite wanting to stop, the energy in the room really helps you push through the barrier and give your everything.


If you’re used to doing weight training in the gym, this is an amazing group class to break up your week with some high intensity cardio that is both rewarding and enjoyable. One thing to bear in mind: keep your pre-training meal light so you’ll be light on your toes. I made the mistake of having a bowl of porridge, which made the session harder. I’d recommend having a protein shake or a banana before, then having a big nutritional feed afterwards.


The facilities at Core Collective are second to none. The changing rooms are all very equipped with hair dryers, lotions and potions and have really clean showers. And as if that isn’t enough, the little cafe/restaurant upstairs is also great - healthy, nutritious and some the best looking food I’ve ever seen sits upstairs waiting for you to enjoy post-workout. From healthy sweet treats to brunch, lunch and delicious fresh juices, it has got everything covered and it’s all made fresh daily by the in-house chefs. The perfect way to replenish your body after a hardcore workout. Core Collective, 45 Phillimore Walk, Holland Park W8 7RZ; core-collective.co.uk