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Summer is coming, and this week i have gone for a red and white striped tee from Neuw Denim teamed up with a light weight distressed denim jacket from Levis as my statement pieces. And you know i love a double denim, so teamed the jacket up with some distressed at the knees black wash jeans from Neuw Denim. Then to smarted up the look, but keeping to the distressed feel i have gone with some brown suede worked boots from Frank Wright.

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This week i have gone for distressed denim jeans from Neuw denim, teamed up with some chunky orange knitwear from Zara, and finished with a tanned cord borg jacket from Menace. The trainers are Nike SF Air Force mid hight tops, i am obsessed with these right now. The colour teamed up with the zip detail at the back of the sneakers make them silly beaut. To complete the look i have gone for a combination of gold and silver, and rose gold jewellery from Serge DeNimes.

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